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Me and the Health Care Ecosystem

This section will examine the role of the individual in their various roles as stakeholders in the health care system and as a player in the political process.

o We are all citizens (Reward personal responsibility)

o We are potential consumers of healthcare.

o We are all potential patients

Health care is personal and affect every aspect of our lives as citizens, consumers and patients. Some health care can make the difference between life and death or between a full functioning life and one of pain and disability. Health care institutions are central to the economic health of communities throughout the US. The new health care bill will impact every aspect of the health care system, regardless of the type of insurance one has.

As citizens, the cost of health care and the nature of our society are at stake. The projected growth in health care is unsustainable and is a major contributor to our growing national debt. At the current annual rate of spending, the Medicare Trust Fund will be bankrupt in 2028. Americans have become increasingly polarized about the role of government as well as frustrated by the perceived inefficiency of the government and the fear of its intrusive potential in the lives of citizens. Some seek a health care system that guarantees all Americans the opportunity to engage fully in our great democracy free of physical and mental disease. To have the peace of mind that comes about having access to affordable quality healthcare regardless of age, economic status, employment or medical condition.

As taxpayers confronted by the threat of escalating medical costs we must assume personal responsibility to get value for our taxes. To have a system that will not bankrupt us or our nation. To have fair taxation and allocation of limited resources in a way that achieves agreed upon objectives. To have a deliberative democratic political process that is transparent and addresses morally challenging decisions. To have our political representatives represent our desires over those of the special interests that benefit from the broken system we currently have.

Political process which encourages meaningful dialogue based on fats rather than opinion, respect rather than personal attacks, civility rather than acrimony. Expect to be treated as adult members of our great nation rather than subjects to be manipulated for ideological and special interest benefit. The willingness to support care for others, the belief that their choice and quality depends on care for others. Role of defense on budget

As consumers, availability and affordability of health care services from insurance coverage to deductibles and out of pocket co pays are rising rapidly. With new consumers joining the insured ranks it is likely that selection and access to services will become more limited. Care for the increasing number of persons with chronic illness remains highly fragmented. New health care delivery structures will further impact the health care choices available for us as healthcare consumers. Different types of consumers. Copays etc.

My Consumer Ecosystem

As consumers we seek the ability to choose health insurance and health care providers. To get cost effective health care activities. To have access to meaningful transparent information about cost and quality of health care activity. To have a guarantee to the privacy of our information. To have our health care paid for in accordance with the terms of our policies. To have a clearly defined process to voice our grievances and appeal health care decisions.

Cultural expectation and need to be able to get everything when we want it regardless of cost. Focus on accepting the recommendations of the authority (doctor).

As patients, we would like to have the right care at the right time with the best outcome. There are far too many preventable deaths, medical errors, hospital-acquired infections, and preventable hospital readmissions, as well as an acute shortage of primary care clinicians. As patients we seek to have access to care that improves our health with the right treatment that is timely, safe and effective. To be treated with dignity by competent health care providers utilizing current evidence based treatments free of undisclosed external financial motivation. To have decisions made in consultation with our health care provider rather the insurance or government bureaucrats.

Anxiety experienced by many consumers associated with uncertainty of coverage.

Not having to be responsible to the payment of the services, or having access to costs, and quality. What is the level of health information seeking? The patient behavioral types and their attitude to health care in general and the elements of the system in particular.

On the provider side psychological factors inform alignment of incentives as well as acceptance of change and uncertainty. Willingness to look for others approach to Healthcare delivery.

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